The best vegetables for barbecue

henrylapps July 10, 2020

Along with meats, roasting vegetables is one of the most classic traditions of preparing a barbecue. However, not all vegetables are suitable for preparing on a barbecue. So what are the best for barbecue?

Are barbecued vegetables better?

They can be much healthier than, for example, if you made them in a pan. Since they are not made with as much oil, they can even be cooked without it, it is a delicious delicacy.

In addition, roasted vegetables are the perfect garnish with which to accompany some dishes. Or, if you are in vegetarian mode, you could barbecue only with vegetables. Many people prefer to make these barbecues because they are healthy and light.

What vegetables can be used for grilling on the barbecue?

Let’s proceed to talk about what are the best vegetables to roast on the barbecue. Not all of them can be roasted on the barbecue, remember that well, so you should take note of this listing:


If there is a vegetable that is typical to make on the barbecue, especially during the summer months, those are the calçots. A very simple dish to prepare, that hardly takes any time from you, and that is very delicious. It can be taken alone, accompanied by a good sauce or used as a starter for your meal.


Are you an advocate of vegetarian barbecues? Because you could include tofu within the ingredients of vegetables for roasting on the barbecue. You just have to worry about getting all the water out of the tofu, and then cut it before passing it on the grill, so that it is well browned.


Have you never made corn cobs on a barbecue? Because it is a very rich food, and as a garnish for some meals, it is great. You just have to remove the leaves, spread a little oil with a little salt and put on the barbecue. Some use the trick of wrapping it with aluminum foil. Every 15 minutes you have to turn it over, and then let it cool for about 5 minutes.


Tomatoes can also be roasted, even the smallest. It is enough to use a double grill to keep them at a suitable height and the embers do not fall out of the main grill. The big ones, you can either roast them whole or sliced, according to your personal taste.


Do you have cucumbers at home and don’t know what to do with them? Do not think so much and put them to make on your barbecue! You can make such a delicious dish with cucumbers as a garnish, well sliced ​​into not too thick slices, with which everyone will suck their fingers.


Do you like pan-fried eggplant? Because you are going to love barbecue barbecue. Cut it into slices that are not too thick, smear each slice with a little oil with a skin and on the fire. In a few minutes they will be ready. It is better that they are prepared with an indirect fire.


A food as delicious as carrot you could not miss it for a barbecue, don’t you think? It would be a good idea to slice it or cut it in half. Although if you put it on a skewer, along with other vegetables, you will get a better result when it comes to grilling them.


Roasted pepper is one of the best delicatessen in the world, especially if you know how to get the most out of the fire. So why not try doing it for your barbecue? You could even make it stuffed with cod or potato. What comes to mind!


It is true, the potato is more a vegetable than a vegetable, but if you grill with vegetables, it is an ingredient that must be among the delicacies that you are going to make. Our recommendation? Make them roasted on the barbecue, cut in half and with some seasoning to enhance their flavor.

What is the best way to make vegetables on the barbecue?

The truth is that you can make them in whole pieces, slices or as you want. If you want to surprise the guests, our recommendation is that you put the vegetables like a skewer, with the pieces cut into squares. So they are easy to grill and can be a perfect starter for your barbecue.

Now, if you make them sliced, or even whole, never allow the fire to directly hit the vegetables. These burn very quickly, and will be burned in minutes. So always put the vegetables aside.

In fact, the vegetable can be roasted at the same time as the meat is done, putting the meat in the center and the vegetable on the side. Smearing the grill grates with a little oil will prevent them from sticking together. And don’t forget to use a double grill when the piece of vegetable is small.

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