The best garnishes for a barbecue

henrylapps July 10, 2020

The good thing about grills is that they can be used anywhere, even on the balcony of your house if you have a lot of space, and you will not disturb the neighbors.

But are you going to put only roast beef? Just some vegetables? Fish? It is time for you to learn what side dishes you can put to accompany a good barbecue and that all your friends enjoy a good meal.

Grill with garnish, why?

It is true that when grilling the meat is somewhat healthier than when barbecue is made, after all it is not in contact with the smoke from the coal or firewood, which although it tastes, abusing it is not as healthy as it might seem.

That is why it is good that the delicacy is accompanied with some garnishes, to provide nutrients and vitamins to the food. Are you interested in knowing which are the best?

The best garnishes for a barbecue

Next, we are going to talk about some garnishes that you can place next to the dish that you have made homemade. They are just some recommendations, so choose the one that suits you best:


A classic garnish is rice. But not a rice made in any way, but cooked rice. It is a perfect delicacy to accompany a grilled meat dish, a fish or some vegetables that you have made roasted.

If you know how to control the cooking point of the rice, you will get a dish so delicious that you will not be able to resist. Accompanied with a port sauce or some red berries, you will have the perfect garnish for your meal.


If there is a perfect complement to a roasted dish, those are the vegetables. You can make them on the grill, grilled or sautéed.

Choose the vegetables well, so that they are light and so the dish is not so heavy. Like a scramble of vegetables with onion, carrot, cucumber, pepper … all well chopped and done right, with very little oil so that they are not too oily, or they will spoil your plate.

Leafy green vegetables are another good choice, like broccoli or spinach. Well boiled and placed in an original way next to the meat, they guarantee a great success in the presentation of the dish.


Like the previous dish, potatoes are one of the most common dishes such as garnishes. You can make chips, in the shape of a stick, wedges or slices.

Or make them roasted in the oven, roasted on the grill itself … as you like. It is a dish that always guarantees success when accompanying a dish. Of course, if you boil them, then you can make a great mashed potato, which is a perfect accompaniment to meat.


If it cannot fail. Although it is good to eat vegetables, and that it is not raw, nothing can be healthier than a good salad.

It has more than a dozen kinds of salads that you can make to accompany a good grilled meat dish. As a garnish to accompany a barbecue, it is a great success, as it is light, fresh and is liked by everyone.


In many countries, using fruit as a garnish is very common, especially in South America. The fruit can be caramelized, on skewers or plain, to give even more flavor to the meat, such as chicken with pineapple.

It can be an ideal garnish for you, very healthy and tasty. Wouldn’t you like to try to see how it goes with this curious combination?

Mushrooms, champignons …

Another good combination as a garnish for your meat dish would be to make a good scramble with mushrooms, mushrooms … or whatever you can think of!

There are hundreds of foods that fit perfectly with meat as a garnish, and some of them even help enhance its flavor. You just have to let your imagination run wild.

The more natural the garnish, the better

If instead of roasting food to serve as a garnish you boil or cook it, or the beach, it will be much better for you.

Not only because it is healthier, but also because it costs less to digest. In this way, when you are going to consume a main food that can be heavy, especially if it is meat, you help your digestive system to digest it better.

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