Tepro barbecues

henrylapps July 5, 2020

From charcoal barbecues with an authentic American model to mini barbecues. Tepro barbecues offer everything you need for a fabulous garden experience.

In this selection of the best Tepro barbecues you can find out more about their characteristics.

Tepro: 25 years of experience guarantee this brand

The company was founded by Heinz Schmidt 25 years ago, when it imported the first gas cylinders from the United States to Germany, during the 1980s. Over time, they launched different types of products on the market, until they became one of the brands market benchmarks. Currently, among its products are barbecues of all kinds: charcoal, gas, mini barbecues and grills.

They are very resistant to shocks, thanks to their steel structure. They use high quality materials designed to keep the embers warm for more than two hours.

Tepro barbecues are designed to be easy to use both for beginners in this world and for those who already have experience in cooking with barbecue.

Advantages of Tepro barbecues

Having a Tepro barbecue at home are all advantages. First of all, because they are very cheap. An affordable price, with models of charcoal, gas, barbecue grills, laptops … along with a wide variety of exclusive accessories for your Tepro barbecue.

Portable models of mini barbecues such as the Tepro Key West, are designed to be able to cook at home, on the balcony or in the kitchen and even to take it with you on camping. They allow cooking for two people, using gas or coal, to taste. They are very versatile and comfortable to use in small spaces and to make perfect barbecues in a short time.

Other models like the Tepro Toronto charcoal barbecue offer a greater cooking experience. Thanks to its crank you can regulate the distance of the coals with food, something with which you will control the exact point of the meat in a fantastic way and will make you a true professional of barbecue. In addition, these Tepro barbecue models have a thermometer on the lid to monitor the temperature at all times.

They are barbecues easy to clean and maintain since they have high quality materials. Carrying out a good maintenance of them we have barbecue for a long time with the Tepro.

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