OneConcept GQ5 | Charcoal barbecue and smoker at an unbeatable price

henrylapps July 5, 2020

The OneConcept GQ5 charcoal barbecue (See on Amazon) is perfect to enjoy with large groups of friends or family thanks to its large capacity. It is a very stable, robust barbecue and made with high quality materials so it will last you roast after roast without problems. This barbecue is an all in one and it is that thanks to its cover, you can use it as a smoker and cook your food in the pure American style.

OneConcept GQ5 barbecue: The best in the mid-range
This charcoal barbecue has conquered barbecue lovers thanks to the possibility of cooking with smoked meat. The opinions collected in different portals guarantee the possibility of cooking for ten people without any problem and its great value for money, being able to find good offers on this grill such as those that we will show you below.

In this article we are going to talk about its most outstanding characteristics and its advantages so that you have a good base when deciding to buy a smoker barbecue.

Features of this smoker barbecue

The technical qualities of this charcoal barbecue allow it to be placed as one of the best in its range. Its elegant, simple and practical design will bring you great utility.

Grill dimensions and structure

  • The barbecue is quite large in size, its overall dimensions are; 81.2 high, 45.4 wide and 26 cm deep. This places it among the medium-sized barbecues.
  • Its cooking area is divided into three independent grills, so you can cook different products in each one without bringing the flavors together.
  • It also has another higher grill that receives indirect heat. It is designed to place food once cooked, in order to keep it warm before serving it on the table.
  • It should be noted that its weight is 21 kg. Joining its dimensions and this last data you can see that it is a fairly compact device and easy to transport or move.

Some finishes designed to use them

  • Steel in a matte black color forms the main structure. This type of material perfectly resists the temperatures that are reached and provides hardness and resistance to the entire set.
  • The three grills it has are made of chromed steel and have three heights to separate them. This component respects the food that is cooked very well and has great durability despite being exposed to heat and fire.
  • The exterior details are very useful. The first one you can look at is the two wheels, which allow you to move it from one place to another without having to think about its weight. You know, you can use it in the garden and then move it without any problem to store it in the garage.
  • It has two handles, one located on the lid to be able to open and close it without problem and the other on the side opposite the wheels to facilitate transport.
  • The shelves available are very useful to leave everything you need for cooking, for example the utensils or the food you are going to use. One is in the front and has the characteristic of being folding, so it will not bother when you are not using it. And the other is located on one of the sides.
  • At the bottom of the barbecue you can find a grid designed to leave the charcoal and the accessories you have for your barbecue.
  • Perhaps the most important finish is a container under the charcoal compartment. The ashes fall into it so that simply by unscrewing it you can empty it.

Advantages of the OneConcept GQ5

The most classic way to work with this barbecue is roasting on the coals, this will allow you to cook all kinds of food in a more traditional way. But if you have decided on this model, you are probably already thinking of using the smoking technique.

This way of cooking is taking hold little by little, since it leaves the food much juicier. You must keep a soft grill to get everything to stay in its correct cooking point. If you leave the lid closed the heat will be distributed evenly.

If you are going to use this technique we are going to give you a couple of tips:

  • Using some wood shavings such as walnut or citrus trees will give your smoke a very personal touch.
  • If you put a disposable tray with a little water in the bottom, what you are going to achieve is to generate steam that will allow you to keep the meats much juicier.

OneConcept GQ5: A great charcoal barbecue

This model is designed to use charcoal as fuel. But if you are more of firewood you can integrate it since it supports it perfectly and without any problem.

If you decide to include a complement, a glass lighter will be a great choice to add the coals at their right point during the smoked cooking.

A great smoker grill for your meals

The GQ5 is without a doubt a very versatile charcoal grill that will allow you to enjoy.

Its large capacity allows you to cook for a large number of people, either roasting or smoking food.

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