OneConcept barbecue

henrylapps July 5, 2020

OneConcept barbecues stand out for saving on carbon consumption and offering the longest burning coals. It has an extensive catalog consisting of smokeless barbecues, electric grills, charcoal barbecues and rotisseries. Discover the technical characteristics of OneConcept barbecues and decide which one best suits your needs.

The best barbecues for cooking inside and outside the home

Thinking about offering the best comfort when cooking on the barbecue, and that they can be used anywhere, OneConcept focuses its efforts on manufacturing the most complete barbecue. Among these are OneConcept smokeless barbecues, with up to 2200 W of power, which allow you to cook, using very little charcoal, about 250 grams, for more than 100 minutes.

With a very tight price, OneConcept barbecues have become the benchmark in the market for smokeless barbecues and charcoal barbecues.

Practical and functional, as well as durable, thanks to the treated steel to withstand temperature changes. In addition, they keep the heat well, allowing you to enjoy the coals for a long time.

With OneConcept barbecues are all advantages

  • With a OneConcept barbecue, the waiting time is very low, only about 5-6 minutes.
  • In the coal compartment it has a fan to keep warm.
  • There is no risk of burning yourself when you touch the outside, as your walls use the “cool touch” technology.
  • Although they manage to increase the efficiency of smokeless barbecues, they have not managed to create a model that cancels the emission of smoke. However, OneConcept portable barbecues emit a very low smoke that allows them to be used on balconies and terraces without problems.

Its price is tight enough to do without thinking about buying a second-hand model. In addition, the garden models offer workspace with up to two wooden trays. With compartments to always have kitchen utensils on hand.

Among the garden barbecues, the OneConcept GQ5 Beefbutler stands out, a barbecue that allows you to cook smoked food thanks to its cover, roasts or oven. For these models they install four openings known as aeration levers, facilitating the passage of air in the area of ​​the coals when the barbecue is closed.

On the other hand, the OneConcept Porterhouse stands out among smokeless barbecues or electric grills. It is perfect for use inside the house. It has a tray that collects dripped fat, making it a very clean barbecue. It has 2200W of power and individual heat regulation allows you to cook food to the desired point.

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