LotusGrill barbecues

LotusGrill barbecues

henrylapps July 5, 2020

Presented as the fastest and safest models on the market, LotusGrill barbecues stand out for avoiding the emission of smoke during cooking, making the experience more pleasant. We present you a selection of LotusGrill barbecues, so you can know their characteristics.

LotusGrill barbecues, with technology of the future

Lotus Grill barbecues first appeared on the market in 2010, as a branch of the Lotus brand. Currently, his fame has made him become almost independent.

This they have achieved thanks to some barbecues with a design that not only turns out to be attractive, but each element of it fulfills its function with accuracy. Most importantly, its mechanism that prevents the emission of fumes, so it can be used almost anywhere.

Design and functionality at an unbeatable price

Running on charcoal, and needing only 250 grams, this barbecue is ready to go in just over 3-4 minutes. What’s more, the burning charcoal can last 40 to 90 minutes. This is a great saving, in addition to what it is to buy these barbecues that have an unbeatable price.

It is a small model, making it easy to transport, either while in use or for a trip. Thanks to its size, and that it does not emit smoke, it can be used on balconies, galleries or patios without disturbing the neighbors.

LotusGrill smokeless barbecues, a new experience

Thought to improve the barbecue experience, they have created barbecues that prevent the emission of smoke. This is possible thanks to the battery-powered internal fan that provides carbon air. This on the one hand prevents the generation of fumes and gives air to the coal, so that it does not go out. What’s more, the on / off button also works as an infinite regulator for temperature.

It has a double layer in the bowl, thanks to which the outer layer does not heat up and can be touched at any time for movement. This same layer prevents grease from the food from dripping onto the charcoal, which would produce the smoke. A safe and easy to use model.

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