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Landmann GrillChef | The best tabletop barbecue on the market

henrylapps July 5, 2020

The Landmann GrillChef tabletop barbecue (see on Amazon) is a portable cast iron barbecue perfect for small spaces. It is a very versatile round barbecue, ideal to enjoy a good barbecue with friends, with which you can cook and serve without leaving the table.

Features of this portable barbecue

  • Measurements: 36 cm high and width including 47 cm handles.
  • Its diameter is 35 cm
  • Weight 6kg
  • Charcoal grill and grate made of cast iron
  • Stove made of cast iron
  • Grill with adjustable height
  • Wooden handles to transport the barbecue

This small barbecue has measures that make it a very good option as a portable grill, since it will fit in the trunk of your car without problems and you can store it in any space in your garage or storage room.

Its circular shape, with a relatively small diameter and coupled with its low weight, make it the perfect complement for a day at the beach.

Another option that this portable barbecue allows us is to cook on the table so that the food is available to diners and everyone can be participants by bringing out the chef inside, in addition to the comfort that this implies for everyone.

Advantages of the Landmann GrillChef charcoal tabletop barbecue

  • This amazing mini-barbecue is ideal for those who have a small space but love to cook barbecues and eat roasts.
  • Its tiny size does not prevent you from making spectacular vegetables and grilled meats on your terrace or balcony.
  • In addition, thanks to its lower compartment, it is a very clean tabletop barbecue in which collecting the coals and ashes will not give you any headache.
  • As you can see it is a barbecue very easy to use and handle by anyone, you do not need to be an expert in barbecue. Simply by having a small space, the desire to make a barbecue and the necessary ingredients, with the Landmann GrillChef you will feel like a true roast professional and you can delight those who have the pleasure of sharing with you that incredible moment.
  • It is designed to use coal as the main element of combustion for its iron structure that takes heat and provides great cooking to all the elements that you put on it.
  • This does not mean that you cannot resort to firewood if you want to give a smoother touch to the meat with the use of walnut or citrus wood. You will not have any problem, since it accepts it perfectly and maintains a sustained fire that will allow you to create a great ember without any problem.
  • Being small, you can generate high-quality coals with charcoal in just 20 minutes. And, if you want to enjoy a night around the bonfire, remove the grill and with a good firewood you will get the perfect space to roast some marshmallow.
  • Its compact kettle-shaped design gives it a unique and well-thought-out look for a day in the country. To this is added its easy transport and that there is no type of inconvenience if you have to disassemble its parts and reassemble them.

A small table-top barbecue made of cast iron

The Landmann company has thought of this barbecue with a clear idea of ​​improving its utility. It has four handles covered in wood. Two of them are located on the grill to make it much easier to place it at the different heights it can have.

The other two are in the main structure so that when you have to transport it or move it at the time of cooking it is much easier.

Its cast iron material has a black finish that gives it a very vintage touch. This makes it very resistant and robust, making it a great tool for those days outdoors.

How to use the Landmann GrillChef barbecue

Of course, when assembling it you will have the help of an instruction manual, and being a small model it will be very simple. In about 10 or 15 minutes you should have it ready to start enjoying it.

Among its pieces you will find the three legs that make up the base, next to the charcoal tray which of course has a ventilation grille to promote the best possible combustion.

From there, you will also find the wooden handles and, of course, the grill. As we always recommend, with a little patience and, if you have the help of an electric screwdriver, the assembly of the barbecue will be very simple.

Good maintenance of your portable barbecue is key to make it last
When having a tray in which the coal is placed, the ashes fall towards the bottom thanks to the grooves that it has. By removing said tray and turning the entire barbecue, which is easy thanks to its size, you will eliminate all the ash remains.

As an extra tip we recommend that you pass a damp cloth on the bottom to collect the small remains that may have been stuck.

Landmann GrillChef barbecue reviews

All the users agree in valuing it positively, giving importance above all to its great value for money. This has allowed it to position itself as one of the best-selling barbecues in its range.

If we add its durability, which is obtained mainly from the material of which it is made, and the ease of handling that it presents as it is a barbecue of small dimensions and low weight, but which amply fulfills the functions of a barbecue, we are undoubtedly talking of a high-performance barbecue and in high demand.

The Landmann GrillChef barbecue is designed for you

As a conclusion we can say that this tabletop barbecue has a very economical price and a great quality guaranteed by a company that has been in the world of barbecue for more than 60 years. Its manufacturing based on cast iron and the possibility of adjusting your grill at different heights, make it one of the most appetizing portable barbecues on the market.

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