Landmann barbecue

henrylapps July 5, 2020

Landmann is a brand capable of satisfying the needs of any user: gas, charcoal or tabletop barbecues are part of its wide range of products. We bring you the best deals on Landmann barbecues. Find yours at the best price!

Landmann: a brand that cares about the needs of its customers

The Landmann brand, with extensive experience in the barbecue sector, has focused its efforts on offering its customers functional products that adapt to all their needs. Landmann has various models of barbecues:

  • Charcoal barbecue for tabletop, to enjoy in small spaces. They are barbecues with a diameter of the kitchen surface of about 35cm. Made of cast iron and steel, resistant to corrosion, allowing greater durability and with a spectacular ergonomic design. They have regulation valves and a high security closing system make them the perfect mini barbecue. In addition, some models such as the Piccolino, have a lid that allows you to conserve heat to maintain the temperature and the cooking point of your roasts until they are consumed. We highlight the Landmann GrillChef barbecue as the benchmark for tabletop barbecues without a doubt.
  • Large charcoal grills, for homes with larger terrain. Within this type of grills we can find standing barbecues with beautiful ergonomic designs, both circular and rectangular, made of stainless steel and vitrified that make them resistant to high temperatures. They have valves and thermometers to regulate the temperature of your roasts, as well as a lid that conserves heat. Many models also have an ash tray and a stable side table to place food. Without a doubt, these large charcoal barbecues They are a good option if you have ample space in your garden or terrace.
  • Gas barbecues. They are Landmann’s high-end barbecues. They stand out for their great power (reaching up to 10,500W) and the large surface they have, being ideal for up to 12 people. They have several burners that allow the heat to be distributed throughout the grill to our liking, temperature indicator, side slats to place food, ash collector and even a cabinet under the same grill. In addition, the wheels that these barbecues have make them easy to transport and move around our garden or terrace.

The great advantages of a Landmann barbecue

If there is something that this brand’s barbecues stand out for, it is because of the wide variety of models in its catalog, depending on the space each user has.

It is also worth noting the security of its closure systems and the practicality of its ergonomic designs with trays that give you space to work food and cabinets to store kitchen utensils in the larger models.

The models of tabletop barbecues or mini barbecues on the other hand, provide versatility and comfort in smaller spaces.

Whatever your situation when buying a barbecue, Landmann surely has the perfect solution for you.

Opinions about Landmann barbecues

We know that buying a barbecue is a decision that you must make calmly and that is why we bring you the opinions of other users who have already acquired one of this brand.

What many buyers like most about Landmann is the high quality of the materials with which they are built, being robust, effective barbecues that maintain a beautiful design.

Everyone appreciates their strength and the extras they offer, especially on coal and gas models. As well as the comfort and practicality of the smallest models of the brand.

In short, they claim to be barbecues capable of professional grilling but with a much cheaper price than other more expensive designer barbecues. So without a doubt, taking advantage of the offers that we bring you from, it is a magnificent purchase.

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