IMEX El Zorro 71515, simple and practical!

henrylapps July 5, 2020

Simple to use, with the possibility of using it with firewood or charcoal and very practical. This is how you could define the IMEX El Zorro 71515 barbecue. A fairly simple barbecue model, designed for those looking for a barbecue that can be used anywhere.

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These are the most remarkable characteristics of the El Zorro 71515 barbecue:

  • Drawer with grill
  • Can be used with firewood and charcoal
  • Size: 61x40x33 cm
  • Strong structure
  • Rustic design with great strength
  • 25 kg weight
  • Black finish

What are the advantages that this barbecue can offer you?

Deciding to buy the IMEX El Zorro 71515 barbecue will largely depend on the advantages it offers, don’t you think? Let’s see, then, which are the most notable:

  • Simple design: When choosing to buy the IMEX El Zorro 71515 you won’t have to worry about barbecues with designs that are too outlandish or that are too complex to use. This barbecue has a simple and straightforward design.
  • Strong: Despite the simplicity of the final design, it is a barbecue with a structure designed to be stable and durable. It can withstand heavy shocks thanks to its chrome steel structure.
  • Ideal for the field: With a rustic design, it is perfect to put in a garden or take it to an open field. Despite its weight, it can be loaded between two without much trouble.
  • Easy to assemble: There is no need to worry about spending a lot of time assembling the barbecue when it is taken away from home, since its structure consists of a few pieces.
  • Use charcoal and firewood: Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this barbecue is that it allows the use of charcoal or firewood. This opens a wide range of possibilities, when trying different types of fire to prepare food.
  • A durable grill: The grill is made of steel, and with two handles to make it easy to set at the level you want, depending on the type of fire you want to cook.
  • Economic: It is not a too expensive model, after all, it is quite simple. If you end up opting for this barbecue, you will save a lot of money and you will have a barbecue for many years.

Get your IMEX El Zorro 71515 barbecue on sale now!

It is possible that, if you are considering having an El Zorro 71515 barbecue, many will tell you that it is better to invest in a better model, which is a little more complete. Now, is that what you want?

The good thing about the IMEX 71515 model is that it is quite simple, and perfect for those people who do not have much experience with barbecue. It is not too big, although it is heavy, so it will not steal much space on the site that you decide to locate it.

The brand has decided to go for straight lines to create this model, a not too striking model, finished in black with a lacquered steel structure that can keep the embers burning for more than an hour once it has been started.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the grill. Although it is easy to adjust thanks to the two handles, a tilt adjustment that had a later model has been sacrificed.

One of the easiest barbecues to use

Simplicity is the biggest characteristic of this barbecue. You just have to assemble it, which is a few steps, put it in the desired place and then put the charcoal or firewood in the corresponding hole to start cooking.

It is a joy that IMEX El Zorro has created barbecue 71515 that allows the use of charcoal or firewood. Remember that there are many types of charcoal and firewood with which you can try to make all kinds of dishes. In the instructions the use of charcoal is recommended, which is true that it is the best, but you can experiment with other types, to try different flavors with food.

Although it may be a bit complicated with the design it has, and due to the size, both elements could also be combined to try to give more flavor to the food. With a little practice it can be done.

Of course, you must be very careful when cooking foods such as fatty meat, since the fat of the meat will fall directly on the coals and these will generate a lot of smoke. Despite its small size, this prevents it from being used on a balcony or terrace, as it would disturb the neighbors.

Turning it on is a matter of patience. There are many tricks to light a barbecue, and in just over half an hour it will be ready to use. The bad thing is that, since it does not have handles, once it is located and switched on it will not be able to move from position.

Opinions about the IMEX El Zorro 71515 barbecue … are positive!

For many, having such a simple barbecue at home can be a negative thing. However, when the goal is to invite friends or family to eat something, why should you spend a fortune buying a barbecue that you only use two or three times throughout the year?

The IMEX El Zorro 71515 has divided opinions, but those with little experience in the world of barbecues praise having the opportunity to get a high quality product, especially for its structure, for such a low price. In addition, the simplicity of use. It is not a rudimentary product, although it may seem like it.

The disadvantages of the IMEX El Zorro 71515

It is true that it has many followers, but there are also some detractors who highlight some of the disadvantages of this barbecue:

  • Very simple: It is a fairly simple barbecue, so there will be some dishes that you will not be able to cook with it, which is a great disadvantage.
  • You cannot tilt the grill: Perhaps it was in order to launch a cheaper model on the market, but the grill does not have the crank that allowed you to regulate the inclination of the grill of the previous model.
  • Food Flavors Mix: By having only one grill, the flavors of food may get mixed on the grill and that will spoil your good barbecue cooking experience if you don’t have much fire experience.
  • It is not very big: What is an advantage can also be a disadvantage. Being such a small model there is not much space to cook, so you will have to make food little by little.

Get your IMEX El Zorro 71515 barbecue now at the best price!

Rustic in appearance, easy to use and an unbeatable price. These are the three aspects that we can highlight the most of the IMEX El Zorro 71515.

Would you like to get her? Because on Amazon right now you can get it at the best price with this offer that we have chosen for you. It may not be the best barbecue of 2018, but it is the perfect one for you if you are a lover of making casual barbecues. Buy it now and receive it at home in just 24 hours!

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