How to accompany a beef barbecue

henrylapps July 10, 2020

Accompanying the meats on a barbecue is not easy, especially when it is a meat as special as beef. However, we are going to give you a series of garnishes that can serve to accompany the beef you are going to prepare for your next barbecue.

First of all, choose the exact amount of meat

You are not going to want your guests to swell too much, so you have to buy a suitable piece. Think about 200 grams per person, about 100-120 grams per child.

With these figures, you can already know the amount of beef that you should buy so that later you don’t have too much in the fridge. Although you can take advantage of it to prepare other dishes. However, make no mistake, it is more delicious grilled.

These are the starters to accompany a beef

First of all, prepare light starters. No meat dishes, so the beef will be the protagonist. These are the starters that you should prepare:

Combined dishes

Make a few dishes combined with a serving of ham, cheese, and sausage. You can also put a little loin or mojaba, and even some slices of salmon.

Small squares of toast with a few ingredient combinations, such as caviar with philadelphia, might be fine to succeed among the guests. It is a very smooth and delicious starter.


Snacks are one of the most classic starters of barbecues. Some crusts, a combination of different potatoes … especially when there are children. You shouldn’t dismiss it. And if you are many, they do not fill as much.


They cannot fail to prepare a barbecue. They are the perfect starter, because salads do not fill much. Also, there is a wide variety of salads you can make to accompany a beef barbecue.

Fruit skewers

The ideal as a starter are some tropical fruits, because they help to digest better the future food to take, being easy to prepare and very economical.


What is the type of garnish that works best with beef? Keep reading because you are about to find out!


Potatoes are, and always will be, one of the best side dishes that can be used to accompany beef.

Since the meat is being cooked on a barbecue, it would be ideal to roast them, which is very simple. But if you don’t like it that way, you can cook it fried, baked or boiled with a sauce.


Not as much as a garnish, but to enhance its flavor. Sauces such as chimichurri sauce, barbecue sauce or porto sauce are the best for bathing beef and enhancing its flavor, especially when it has been cooked on the grill.


A good vegetable dish can help you digest a dish as strong as roast beef better. And, especially, if you have not put any vegetables as a starter for your barbecue.

You can make roasted vegetables along with the meat, such as a pickle, carrot, or bell pepper. Or put a little salad garnish on each plate, with some roasted tomatoes.


It is true that rice is a food that is quite filling, but it is also one of the best foods that can be used as a garnish, especially for something like beef.

A little boiled rice, and cooked with a good sauce, such as curry, can be used to accompany a plate of beef perfectly.

Garlic bread

If you’re feeling a little inspired to start cooking, why not make several servings of garlic bread before you start preparing the meat?

Bread is usually an indispensable accompaniment at the table, and if you do it right, a good garlic bread can help you succeed among the guests at your barbecue. It is not difficult to make it homemade.

Breaded asparagus

Have you never eaten breaded asparagus? For those who do not like the texture of raw asparagus, it is a delicious delicacy, and also a perfect garnish to accompany beef.

A good drink

Although traditional barbecue is to accompany the meal with a good beer, for adults in this case we advise you to choose a good wine.

You don’t have to buy a bottle worth 100 euros each to get it right. A good red wine can be the perfect accompaniment to this meat dish. Of course, a beer is also acceptable, but rest assured that it will not seem the same.

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