Campingaz Expert Plus

Campingaz Expert Plus, the most powerful volcanic stone barbecue

henrylapps July 5, 2020

Two high-performance burners, large storage capacity and perfect for barbecue outside. The Campingaz Expert Plus volcanic stone barbecue is the perfect prototype for barbecue outside.

Let us tell you about its incredible features, the advantages it offers you and give you reasons why to buy this precious item. Or, if you are interested, we have barbecues that will capture your attention.

Characteristics of the Campingaz Expert Plus

The Campingaz Expert Plus barbecue has a series of characteristics that make it a unique piece:

  • 2 high-performance burners, in aluminized steel, with 7 W power
  • BBQ grill with secure piezo, for easy ignition
  • Uniform heat distribution, offering indirect direct cooking
  • Steel lid, with thermometer and large handle for opening and closing
  • Two folding side tables
  • Two wheels, with lock for fixing at one point
  • 23 kg weight
  • 1500 square cm of cooking surface

Advantages of buying a Campingaz Expert Plus barbecue

Mentioning the Campingaz brand should be reason enough to buy it, but if you still have doubts, these are all the advantages it offers:

  • Ideal for the outdoors: It is a barbecue that has been designed for excursions or used in camping. Although this does not mean that you cannot have this Campingaz Expert Plus gas barbecue at home and enjoy it equally.
  • Two burners to cook food: With its two burners you can cook any type of food, having the option of direct or indirect cooking, to your personal taste.
  • Easy to achieve the right point of the meat: Is it difficult to control the roasting points of the meat? Buying Campingaz Expert Plus will never be a problem again. Thanks to the built-in thermometer in the lid, you don’t need to be monitoring meat as much.
  • Strong and durable: Thanks to the chrome grill surface, it is a barbecue of great durability. Easy to clean and keep in good condition, no need to worry so much about its maintenance. On the other hand, the chrome steel surface is designed not only to withstand bumps, but also scratches.
  • Workspace: Thanks to its two auxiliary tables you can work the food, cutting or keeping it close for when the time comes to put it on the fire. The tables are sturdy, and while they appear lightweight, they are designed to support quite a lot of weight.
  • Storage space: A space reserved for the butane cylinder, another for kitchen utensils, for charcoal … you can have everything well organized in your Campingaz Expert Plus barbecue and cook as you like!
  • A folding model: It is a folding and compact model, making it easy to carry. Disassembling it is quite simple, to put it in the trunk of the car or the back of the van.
  • Cooking with volcanic stone, the best: The biggest advantage of this wonderful piece is that it allows cooking with volcanic stone, which gives the food a unique flavor. The bag is included when you buy the Campingaz Expert Plus barbecue, so you can experience the flavor that leaves in the meat as soon as you receive it.
  • Easy movement: It has two auxiliary wheels that allow the barbecue to move, even on the most uneven terrain. To prevent it from moving when you are cooking, the wheels have a locking system.
  • Low amount of volcanic stone: Only use about 4 kilograms of volcanic stone to function at peak performance. Which will help you save if you are a person who usually does a lot of barbecues!

The best offers for your Expert Plus barbecue

A good offer for Campingaz Expert Plus is waiting for you. It offers you all the advantages of a barbecue, but combining the gas cooking system together with that of a charcoal barbecue.

Because it has two fires, there is no risk of food flavor mixing. If you cook fish in one fire, you can cook meat and vegetables in the other. In addition, the surface is easy to clean, to make way for the next food.

The power of the Campingaz Expert Plus barbecue model has 7 KW of power, and it is noted that each piece has been incorporated with total success, with care and care so that you can fully enjoy the experience of making a barbecue outdoors .

It has a grill with a surface of 1500 square cm, designed to be able to cook a large amount of food at the same time, thus optimizing cooking time. You have to be a little careful with fire, since volcanic stone has much more power than gas.

Its price is comparable to the quality of the final product that you have when you receive the Campingaz Expert Plus barbecue. A product designed to be durable, requiring minimal maintenance and cleaning, and with the best features so that the most demanding meat lovers can enjoy cooking in it to the fullest. A price that is an investment that pays for itself with a few uses, for the final flavor achieved.

Get the most out of the flavor of the ingredients

If there is a barbecue on the market that helps to get the most out of the ingredients to cook, it is the Campingaz Expert Plus.

Using the piezo ignition system, in a simple and fast way the volcanic stone, in a low chamber, will ignite quickly. With the two chrome steel side tables, you have the space you need to cut vegetables, meat, or have some condiments on hand to enhance the flavor of the ingredients.

When closing the lid, you don’t have to worry about opening it to check the state of the meat. Thanks to the built-in thermometer, you will know at all times if the temperature is ideal for meat or if you should raise or lower it.

The stove controls are on the front, using the classic gas barbecue system, making it very simple to use. The entire structure is designed to keep heat in the stove, so when you touch it with the burning coals, you will not burn yourself.

It is designed as a cart, to be easy to move to the terrain that you consider most appropriate. In the lower part it has a grid base, to place the butane cylinder and coal. Nothing to have the cylinder with a tube next to the barbecue and fear for an escape or having to carry it!

The barbecue is designed to be used outdoors, at any time of the year. But this does not mean that its maintenance should be neglected. When it is not being used, it is not necessary to keep it in the box, it will be enough to cover it with a canvas or a blanket to avoid direct contact with the sun or rainwater.

What are the disadvantages of this barbecue?

Although the opinions about Campingaz Expert Plus are almost 100% positive, users have highlighted a number of disadvantages that must be assessed:

  • It is somewhat complicated when assembling, especially if you do not have much experience with this type of structure. It may take a long time to fit the parts together, because the instruction manual is unclear.
  • The sector of the sides gets a little hot, which forces to increase the power in the central zone and to distribute food in another way to cook them.
  • You can generate a lot of smoke when cooking meat that is very fat, such as sausages or sausages. This occurs when grease comes into contact with the heatsinks and burns.
  • Those who have no experience cooking with volcanic stone may despair, since fatty food will generate a lot of flame, and if you don’t know how to control it, it will burn the meat.
  • It has a greater weight than other barbecue models, but it is easy to transport between two people. It is recommended not to disassemble it completely to avoid problems in the next use.
  • With the help of the wheels it is easy to move, but you miss a handle that serves to carry it between two people.
  • It is a barbecue model designed more for people who have a lot of experience in using barbecues, and know how to handle fires with very fatty food.

Opinions and final conclusion on Campingaz Expert Plus

In short, you have the opportunity to have a spectacular barbecue, designed especially for those who already have some command when it comes to cooking grilled meats, combining the gas system with that of the coal so that it is easy to light.

If you are the type of person who likes to go to a camping or an open field to barbecue with friends, this is your barbecue. A model that has pleased even the most demanding customer, and that is not easy!

On Amazon you can see that more than 90% of the reviews are positive, and we offer you the opportunity to get the best offer from the online store, with shipping in just 24 hours!

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