Bruzzzler barbecues

henrylapps July 5, 2020

Barbecue brand Bruzzler has become the pioneer of smokeless barbecue models. Perfect designs, cheap price and easy to use. And if smokeless barbecues are not your thing, in its catalog you will find portable charcoal barbecues or barbecue lighters that will surprise you.

In this selection of Bruzzzler barbecues you can see the technical specifications of their best models.

Bruzzzler: A brand in continuous expansion

From selling sausages to making barbecues. This is the step Bruzzzler decided to take just a few years ago. Starting with the most traditional charcoal barbecue models, it soon took the leap of smokeless barbecue models, becoming one of the great benchmarks of the sector in this field.

Always offering quality products at affordable prices, a Bruzzzler barbecue is characterized by its small size, so you do not need a very large space to enjoy a good barbecue.

Both the models of smokeless barbecues and the Bruzzzler portable charcoal barbecues are designed to be taken to a camping site, out in the open or have them on the terrace and organize a barbecue with friends.

Advantages of Bruzzzler barbecues

Its Grillerette Classic model has become a benchmark in the smokeless barbecue market. Consume very little charcoal per hour, with a fan that helps regulate heat continuously. Thanks to this, the temperature of the barbecue remains stable, between 400-500 degrees.

All its models have safety locks on the sides, allowing the barbecue to be moved even when it is roasting.

In addition, it completely dispenses with the use of plastic for the parts. The entire structure has a refractory lining, concentrating the heat from the coals to achieve a better roast.

Functional barbecues for any space

With a lever to easily collect the ashes left by the coals, the Bruzzzler barbecues are the cleanest on the market. Simple to maintain and much more to clean the area of ​​the coals, in just a few minutes you can have as shiny as the first day.

Reviews and opinions on these barbecue models point out and praise the simplicity of its assembly. In a few minutes, it can be ready to use. Dismantling it is just as easy to move it back home or store it in its box and it does not take up space.

If this were not enough with its incredible barbecues, Bruzzzler also has fireplaces or barbecue lighters with which you can light the charcoal in a simple and safe way and then pour it directly onto your barbecue.

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