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henrylapps July 5, 2020

Small in size, designed for use and enjoyment in any space, the Grill Chef’s metal barbecues with wheels allow you to enjoy a fantastic barbecue in small groups.

We show you the characteristics of the Grill Chef barbecues and we thoroughly analyze the 0566 model, the best valued by users.

Grill Chef: Quality metal barbecues

Quality and price is something that is always analyzed when you want to buy a product. In the case of a Grill Chef barbecue, this combination is achieved thanks to the use of quality products in the manufacturing process, offering a low cost product for the buyer. With perfect dimensions for cooking and a practical design. Thanks to the wheels, it can be moved perfectly.

Advantages of a BBQ Grill Chef

A superior quality barbecue that is easy to get with a great offer.

The vitrified steel structure makes it resistant, while helping to keep the coals warm longer. This same structure serves as protection for the barbecue against any climatic agent, making it a long-lasting product.

They are very light models, easy to move with the help of the wheels.

The models with a lid, which allow food to be cooked better.

These barbecues also have a small tray to place food, or utensils to use, along with a lower rack for firewood or charcoal.

Ratings and opinions about the Grill Chef barbecues

Noting for how economical they are compared to high-end models from other brands, it should be noted how ideal it is due to its small size. Like the Grill Chef 0566 barbecue, which we will talk about next, which allows you to adjust the height, cook all kinds of food and storage space to have everything well ordered.

Discover the Grill Cheff 0566 barbecue, the best valued:

Are you a fan of barbecues but have no place for a work grill? So the solution to not deprive yourself of the pleasure of sharing good roast meats is the Grill Chef wheeled barbecue (see on Amazon). It is a versatile and economic model that will provide you with great satisfaction and that is why it is one of the best choices.

Characteristics of the metallic grill chef barbecue

We explain why buying a barbecue with wheels like the Grill Chef is a great success:

  • Chrome steel grill with handles.
  • Vitrified steel stove
  • Practical folding side table, to arrange food, condiments or sauces.
  • Lower tray to have utensils on hand.
  • Wind protector adjustable to the height of the grill.
  • Measures of the rectangular barbecue with wheels: 44.5 cm. wide, 84 cm. tall and 87 cm. long.
  • Weight 6,5 Kg.
  • Cooking surface: 48.5 x 29 cm. Ideal for 6 diners.
  • The two legs on the side of the folding table have wheels, and the other two are fixed, for greater stability and easy transport.
  • Optional: waterproof cover, allows you to leave the portable charcoal barbecue on the balcony or garden.

Advantages of the Grill Chef wheeled barbecue

We can highlight several advantages of the Grill Chef compared to other portable barbecue models:

Unbeatable price: It is a cheap barbecue if we compare it with what is on the market in its range. For less than 40 euros you have a barbecue with wheels of incredible characteristics that will allow you to look like a true master of barbecues. Is there anything better than that?

Stability: the two front wheels combined with fixed legs give the product great stability and make it much easier to transport and install on all types of floors. Four-wheel barbecues are difficult to move on uneven terrain, and not very stable on smooth floors such as a balcony or patio.

Folding table plus lower tray combination: this combination allows you to adjust the surface available for cooking according to your needs. Ideal for those who love having everything on hand, from utensils like blades, forks and tongs to food, condiments and dressings.

Wind protector: it is a U-shaped stainless steel screen that protects the chrome-plated steel grill from annoying winds that can carry smoke towards diners or damage fire maintenance.

Optional waterproof cover: although this product is not included in the price of the barbecue, we recommend you analyze the convenience of purchasing it. It is a cover that protects the portable barbecue from rust, dirt and other risks from the weather. It is made with resistant and high quality materials.

How to barbecue with the Grill Chef?

Having a barbecue with the Grill Chef is very easy. In fact, this barbecue is recommended for those who want to enjoy a meal outdoors without too many complications.

  • -Light the charcoal and let the barbecue heat about 30 minutes.
  • -Fold out the folding side table and have everything you need, such as utensils or condiments. When the food is ready, the table can be used to serve the dishes.
  • When the grill takes temperature, place all the food. Be sure to watch and turn the meats every so often as this barbecue has no lid.
  • After using it, let the coals cool, remove them and remove the food remains with a brush.

Our advice is that you take advantage of this versatile barbecue to prepare something different from the meats, hamburgers or skewers of a lifetime, for example a grilled pizza or a vegetarian barbecue.

Some opinions of the metallic grill Chef 0566

Like everyone else, what matters most to us are the opinions of people who have previously been able to buy the Grill Chef barbecue, that’s why at we bring you these barbecue opinions.

Users who have given their opinion say that the barbecue performs better than expected, that is, it has a good price / quality ratio and they are delighted with its size.

They emphasize the versatility of use and fulfillment of expectations, other users affirm that to make the most of it, it is best to mount it and leave it installed in a corner of the garden or terrace.

Many also highlight the great comfort of having a lower tray to place the firewood, charcoal, briquettes and different instruments that we use when making a barbecue. In addition, it is also much easier for the barbecue to have a side tray to leave the food that we are going to cook.

Ready! You already have everything you need to launch to buy this beautiful metal barbecue with wheels and start enjoying it at the next outdoor meal you organize with your friends or family.

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