Baluja Barbecues

henrylapps July 5, 2020

Easy to assemble and much more to use, Baluja barbecues are positioned as the most practical on the market. In this selection of Baluja barbecues on offer you will be able to know the technical specifications of each model.

The leading company in the steel products sector

More than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of steel products, for Baluja every day is a new battle. But they do not work with any steel, since they use Inox steel, one of the strongest, offering high quality products.

Achieving perfection has always been his priority, and for this reason, his barbecues are the most complete on the market. Baluja barbecues are cheap, although they can always be found with offers with interesting discounts very interesting.

Enjoying the experience cooking with Baluja

Indoor or outdoor, the catalog is made up of all kinds of models. Mini barbecues designed to be used in kitchens or on the balcony, for cooking for two diners. All its models have a great novelty: the tilting steel grill.

Thanks to the inclination of the grill, using a crank, you can prevent grease from falling on the coals, generating smoke. In addition, the oxide is easy to remove, both from the grill and from the embers space.

A commitment to quality

Simple, they offer everything an elite barbecue would give but for a lower price. It completely bypasses the lid, something that may be negative for some to avoid the emission of smoke. However, thanks to the tilt of the grill, it is something that can be easily controlled.

This same tilting system allows cooking using a direct or indirect fire with the coals. Facilitates the experiment with textures until you find the exact cooking point of the meat.

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