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What is a review?

A review is a detailed description that you make of something, in which you show its characteristics, and above all the benefits it offers the user.

It can also be said that it is the analysis of a product or its criticism from a constructive point of view, that is, showing its strengths and weaknesses.

So, when we talk about offering something that is of undoubted interest to users, a great strategy is to review it . It is not simply a matter of writing an article about the product (let alone inserting a simple banner on our website), but of a complete review of it . Thus, the user will receive all the information and will know the aspects that benefit them, those that solve their problem or improve it in some way.

How do consumers use reviews or reviews?

Before entering concrete data on how online consumers use reviews and how they impact their decision-making, it is important to be clear about where they fit into the cycle of purchasing products or services.

In general, when a user consults the reviews, they are usually clear about the product they need and are immersed in the process of selecting a business that meets their needs.

But how many consumers really pay attention to reviews? Approximately 85% of consumers claim to read reviews online. To be a little more exact, how many reviews do they consult before making a decision? Fortunately, there is also an answer to this question. 67% of consumers will read an average of 6 ratings before forming an opinion on a particular business.

This helps understand from a consumer perspective how important reviews are to help guide your purchasing decisions for better or for worse.

At the consumer level, the reviews or reviews of other users are an invaluable source of reputation, therefore they act as an influencer of purchasing decisions and are key to increasing the sales of your business.

In addition, we must not forget the principle of perception related to social proof, by which, we seek support, endorsement from others to make decisions and we trust what others tell us, even without knowing these people.

Why are reviews important to local SEO?

Reviews are taken into account by search engines for a very simple reason, consumers are too. They are responsible for providing people with accurate information to help them make decisions about their future purchases. The faster they can do it, the more consumers will turn to them over and over again.

According to MOZ, online reviews account for 10% of how Google and other search engines decide to rank organic results. A review may not have a noticeable effect on your ranking in the short term, but over time and the increase in positive comments from your customers, your ranking will increase significantly.

Reviews attract more visits to your website, which increases your click-through rate (CTR). If the opinions of your customers are good, the user is more likely to decide to enter your page to find more information about your business. An increase in CTR can increase conversions. And with a higher CTR and more conversions, your Google ranking will also benefit.

Why should all online stores allow product reviews?

Taking into account that now we already know what reviews are, it is important that if you are thinking of creating an eCommerce or you already have it and you do not have it enabled yet, you know what all its advantages are:

1. Other potential clients will be influenced by them

Product reviews will be a great influence for those people who enter your business website, with the intention of buying what you sell.

Both for better and for worse, according to the magazine «Marketing Land», it is estimated that around 90% of purchasing decisions on the Internet are made based on product reviews.

2. They will improve the SEO of your eCommerce

This will be an indirect advantage of enabling them, since in reality the benefit comes when the URLs of your eCommerce are already positioned.

This is when the reviews will work, since once you install the relevant modules or software, they will normally add a rich snippet in the form of stars to your search result, indicating the level of satisfaction of the product.

This is when the eye candy of your eCommerce comes into play in the SERP of the search engine, since if your website appears with high product ratings among the search results, the user will usually opt for clicking on your result.


This, in the end, will mean an increase in CTR, which, as we have already explained in this blog, will improve an organic SEO positioning.

With SEO, sales and customer support improving, who can deny the value of reviews? PrestaShop users are in luck! They now have Yotpo: a free Addon that allows consumers to write product reviews that all PrestaShop merchants can benefit from.

3. Your potential clients will discover details that you do not mention on your website

It is possible that the descriptions of your product sheets are one of the most complete in your sector and even that you are able to describe every detail of them perfectly and «with hair and signs».

However, these descriptions will be offered to your visitors from a scrupulously objective and technical point of view, indicating: measures, characteristics of use, return policy, etc.

But if you include in each tab of your eCommerce the comments made by those who already bought it, perhaps you and visitors to your website discover a less common way of making the product known: the one given to you by those who already bought it.

This review will reveal much more subjective connotations of these, such as how the product makes you feel when you wear it, if in your case you have a fashionable eCommerce.

This motivating plus will make those who are still undecided jump into buying from you.

4. It will help you improve with your business

Similarly, just as you can receive positive product reviews, you can also receive negative ones, from customers who were not satisfied with what they bought in your store.

This will be the time to know the reasons why what they bought from you was not to their complete satisfaction, beyond the reasons given in the review itself.

It will help you a lot to call them on the phone or send them an email, asking them to tell you more about what details they did not like.

At this point, you could compensate them in some way, such as apologizing and perhaps offering a discount on your next purchase for the inconvenience caused.

But what you must extract from all this are the reasons themselves, which must be the pretext to improve that aspect in which you failed (delivery, the conditions in which the package arrived, delivery of the wrong product, etc.)

5. Optimize your customer service

Just a «benefit» of having negative product reviews is that they will force your customer service department (or yourself, if you are working on these yourself) to have to get in touch, as I mentioned in the previous point.

This will inevitably make your customer service work and, with practice, improve, either because you voluntarily contact the dissatisfied customer or because they call to make their complaints.

On the attention you give, it largely depends on reversing that negative opinion that you have caused in the client towards your eCommerce with the mistake made.

In any case, if the error came from not having explained the operation of your products well, you could record and convert a video to upload it to your website, explaining the details that would not have been clear.

6. It will improve your Brand image

Inevitably, it is clear that if the product reviews in your business are mostly positive, the perception and consequent brand image of your store will be greater.

But not only from those who invested a little of their time in writing a comment about satisfaction or not with the product, but from customers who did not.

Do negative reviews hurt SEO?

Many people have the false belief that bad reviews harm their web positioning. They don’t really penalize you in terms of SEO. Google knows that no one is perfect, and that even the best sites can get negative reviews. Maybe even someone from the competition has left a bad evaluation on your site to try to lower your online reputation.

The team of Google reviewers takes into account the global computation of your reviews more than a simple negative evaluation. So Google does not penalize sites that receive negative reviews if there is more content that confirms their good reputation.